Monday, 21 April 2008

WBA 1 Watford 1 - 12/04/08

Well that was better wasn't it. A lot better.

It couldn't have been much worse, I grant you, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt. The sight of John Eustace back in a yellow (red) shirt will very rarely be the cause for so much relief - crikey we missed him.

Most of you will have either been there or watched it on the box, so I won't bore you with a match report. I think it can be pretty neatly summed up by saying that the 1st half belonged to Watford, the 2nd to West Brom.

Their disallowed goal should have probably been allowed, we probably should have had a penalty. All even on the refereeing front I reckon.

So they CAN do it you see. They can pull the odd decent performance out of the bag. The fact that it took such a small number of 2nd half minutes to elapse before we surrendered our hard earned lead was disappointing, but sadly, not unexpected.

I guess this game sums our season up in a way - decent start, just about held it together for the majority, but in the final analysis we really didn't have enough to see us over the finish line.

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