LATEST EPISODE: As one Ends, another Begins

As the Watford first team's season comes to an End, the Ladies team are kicking off a new era in the Women's Super League. Jon, Jason and Mike head to their first game of the season, talk to manager John Salomon and player Renne Hector, plus the boys chat about Troy Deeney's future, the late conceding of goals and the rest run of games. Plus the boys talk to Academy boss CHris McGuane.Email us:

Friday, 28 May 2010

PODCAST 1: From The Rookery End - End of Season Special

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and we’re at the beginning of a Bank Holiday. How could today get any better I hear you ask. Well, hold onto your hats as we’ve got the best bit of news since Lloyd Doyley finally scored…

The very first “From The Rookery End” podcast is now available!
Getting your hands on it couldn’t be simpler. You can download and listen on iTunes simply click 
this link. You can also listen on this website by pressing play at the top of the page.

This is the first of hopefully a long and successful series, but it is our first, so it’s a bit rough round the edges. I’m sure you forgive us. However we do want your feedback. Good or bad, whatever your feelings, let us know. Everything you tell us will help us to make the podcast bigger and better so whatever you have to say about the show, tell us here! We promise we won’t take any criticism to heart – as Watford fans we’ve got thick skins.

You can email us -

On this podcast you’ll hear our irreverent look back at the season along with some of your "One Word Season's". There's the glitz and the glam of the “From The Rookery End, End of Season Awards”. 
Danny Graham and Henri Landsbury will be talking to us about their season at Watford. Plus you’ll meet the Watford Wannabe WAGS and hear Jon’s special apology to Lloyd Doyley.

Have a listen and please do tell us what you think.



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