Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Days Work... For Elton John

Isn't it fantastic that Elton John is a Watford supporter? Wolves may have Robert Plant, Leicester Kasabian and Coventry The Enemy, but Elton is a different class. I suppose I'm a little jealous of Man City for having the Gallagher brothers as fans, but Elton is not only a great musician, he is also a brilliant ambassador for the club.

His gig at Vicarage Road last night was immense. With his chariamasic and often powerful stage presence I caught myself on a few occasion totally caught up in the music. Especially during "Rocket Man" with a captivating piano solo. He, of course, spoke about the club. He said that "This club can go upwards and upwads, but we're just have to wait". He gave his full support for Malky. He congratulated  him and the team for getting through a tough season and dedicated "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" to Malky. Certainly not a phrase Makly needs to say after this last season. He was 'glad' Graham Taylor was the Chairman and dedicated "Candle in The Wind" to him. A great song, but lets hope that the line "Your candle burned out long before, Your legend ever did" is a long way off.

In fact we can be extremely grateful that Elton's candles are still burning and he can do what he does to the club. He might not make it to as many games as he wants, but no fans passion comes down to their attendance record. Yesterday, he basically gave up a days work for the club he loves so much and raised a LOT of cash for the playing budget. Some fans ask for him to spend his money to buy the club again, but this gesture is incredible. Imagine if every fan gave up one days work for the club? You never know, if we have enough builders then we can get the new East Stand!

Thanks for last night Elton, and thanks for everything you've done over the years. We would not be the club we are today if it wasn't for you.


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Friday, 28 May 2010

PODCAST 1: From The Rookery End - End of Season Special

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and we’re at the beginning of a Bank Holiday. How could today get any better I hear you ask. Well, hold onto your hats as we’ve got the best bit of news since Lloyd Doyley finally scored…

The very first “From The Rookery End” podcast is now available!
Getting your hands on it couldn’t be simpler. You can download and listen on iTunes simply click 
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This is the first of hopefully a long and successful series, but it is our first, so it’s a bit rough round the edges. I’m sure you forgive us. However we do want your feedback. Good or bad, whatever your feelings, let us know. Everything you tell us will help us to make the podcast bigger and better so whatever you have to say about the show, tell us here! We promise we won’t take any criticism to heart – as Watford fans we’ve got thick skins.

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On this podcast you’ll hear our irreverent look back at the season along with some of your "One Word Season's". There's the glitz and the glam of the “From The Rookery End, End of Season Awards”. 
Danny Graham and Henri Landsbury will be talking to us about their season at Watford. Plus you’ll meet the Watford Wannabe WAGS and hear Jon’s special apology to Lloyd Doyley.

Have a listen and please do tell us what you think.



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Thursday, 27 May 2010

From the Rookery End and onto your iPod...

For some of you the end of the football season couldn't come soon enough. For others, the end of the season merely represents the beginning of a countdown to the start of next season. This close season, Hornets fans will have a little bit extra to occupy their time away from Vicarage Road as a new Watford FC podcast hits the airwaves for the very first time.

We are Jon Moonie, Jason Bailey and Mike Parkin and we're all very passionate about our football club. So much so we wanted to harness our enthusiasm and channel it into something constructive – a podcast. As fans, we all felt there was a gap in what is available to Watford supporters. The football club, BBC Three Counties Radio and the Watford Observer all do a fantastic job of providing us with information, interviews and match reports, but there is definitely room for more, something a bit different.

Fans used to produce and distribute fanzines which provided a more offbeat, light-hearted look at what was going on at the club. This is how we see the podcast. We won't be afraid to talk about the serious issues, but what we really want to portray is the fun that can be had supporting Watford. We'll be sharing our experiences and thoughts, whilst hopefully hearing from fellow fans too. There is more to being a football fan than just turning up at the ground for 90 minutes and it's this that we want to explore.

The first "From the Rookery End" podcast will be available to download NOW via iTunes and is FREE.

It will provide an irreverent look back at the season, including a one word season review from former Soccer AM presenter Tim Lovejoy. It also features the inaugural "From the Rookery End, End of Season Awards", interviews with Henri Lansbury and Danny Graham, you’ll meet the Watford Wannabe WAGS and hear Jon’s apology to Lloyd Doyley.

The three of us are all lifelong supporters and season ticket holders in the Rookery End at Vicarage Road. Having recorded this first podcast, we now plan to publish the podcast on a monthly basis through out next season. We would like you to get involved with future editions of the podcast and you might see us out and about at games grabbing your views to put into the podcast.


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