Thursday, 10 March 2011

Troy Deeney - The Stats

Troy Deeney doesn't seem to have been a popular signing by all Watford fans, and I'm not sure why.

He works hard, but compared to Danny Graham and Marvin Sordell and all their goals, it's easy for fans to diss him. Add to that the fact we actually spent money on him, I think fans expect more of a return. Anyway, I noticed his return coincided with the Millwall win and his absence seemed to coincide with our resent bad run. So I did some digging (thanks soccerbase for making this slightly easier) and this is what I found.

Average points per game when Deeny has featured - 1.68. When he's not played - 1.
He has featured in 25 games, in which we gained 42 points. That total would have had you 6th in the table after that many games this season (which ironically was exactly where we were!!).
For the games in which he didn't feature, 10 games, 10 points. We'd have been 20th in the table.

So is he that influential? Is it unwarranted stick from the fans? Is it pure coincidence? Am I really sad for working all this out or are they interesting stats?



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  1. I think it's just that when we spent half a million on Marlon King we saw the return, which we haven't with Troy Deeney.

    But if these stats bear fruit then maybe we shouldn't complain!

  2. His touch is poor and for a big guy he's not that great in the air. When he gets the ball he just puts his head down and runs. Even his assist vs Swansea was a mishit that just ended up in front of Graham.

    I do agree it's because he's an outsider. if he was academy we'd be all for giving him more of a chance, but because he cost half a million we're expecting something more than effort

  3. Is that 10 starts or 10 appearances?? if the latter then the whole article is very misleading and a wastte of time - i could be bought on for the last minute of 10 games where we are winning 3-0 and then if you look at those stats we'd be promoted by now.

  4. I have him in the same bracket as Steve Kabba personally.

    Not one of our better signings...

  5. Or Bruce Dyer!