Tuesday, 29 March 2011


On From The Rookery End Podcast 10 we talk about who we think is going to be named Watford's Player of the Season. We put forward a few different players, but if we are being honest only one man is going to win it - Danny Graham. He'll be out on the pitch on the last game of the season to get his award and we at From The Rookery End thought it would be good to say thank you in a slightly 'different way' inspired by the great man himself.

Here's our proposal... WEAR A VEST FOR DANNY!

On SATURDAY 30TH APRIL 2011, at the WATFORD VS QPR home game we want to make it WEAR A VEST FOR DANNY DAY. As many Watford fans as want to need to pick up a white vest, a black felt pen, write a personal message on it and then wear it over the top of their Watford shirt to show Danny how much we love him.

You can hear our interview with Danny on Podcast 10 as well as a special advert for his unique vests.


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1 comment:

  1. We've had a fantastic response to "Wear A Vest For Danny Day" on email, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to everyone. And thanks to whoever it was on twitter that sent Danny the link to this page. He sent out reply on his twitter accont...

    "@dawgraham10: Just seen about wear a vest day VS qpr last home game #rightbehindthat"

    So we have his approval. Now all we need to do is find some cheap white vest, a felt pen and come up with a message to write on them!

    Cheers Jon