Monday, 26 March 2012

WFC in 100 Objects - #21 1971 The Wonderful World of Soccer Star Gala Collection

"Got, Got, Got, Got, Need, Got, Got, Need!"

We've all been there. Thumbing through a wadge of football stickers at break time hunting down the elusive sticker you want, but seeing Peter Reid's face for the 50th time when you've already got him yourself at least 10 times. It was a right of passage for all young football fans back in the day. My first collection was the Panini Football 87. I never completed it all, but I did manage to get the entire Watford team including the shiny badge.

It was a good collection, showing Watford on the biggest stage of all - Division 1. However, it didn't feel special enough to get into our list of 100 Objects. Then Rod Fine emailed up to tell us about 'The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Gala Collection'. It predates Panini by a good few years and included every team from the 1970-71 England First Division (15 players per team) plus there was a 2nd Division 'Star Gallery' with two players per team. Barry Endean and Stewart Scullion represented Watford, but you can spot former Hornet Tony Currie was one of the two for Sheffield United players.

Division 2 Page - a few future managers on there.
You could send off (and pay for) your favourite 2nd division team if you wanted. Rod of course wanted the Watford team. And what a magnificent piece of football memorobilia it is.

Watford Team in Full
You might notice that it isn't individual stickers, but it's a single sheet with 15 players on it.

We aren't sure if it is the first set of Watford football stickers, but it's the set that is going into our list of Watford in 100 Objects. Thank you very much Rod for sending it in it's a joy to look at.

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