Friday, 27 July 2012

WFC in 100 Objects - #27 Peter Morgan's Football Rattle

When we started this list we were after two types of objects. The objects that define important moments in the clubs history and those that define a fans relationship with their football club. Peter's Rattle is one that certainly sums up the latter perfectly. He emailed us:

I think my pre-1977 rattle deserves a place in the 'Watford in 100 objects', if not in the Watford Museum. It was hand-painted lovingly by me, whilst my mother looked on in horror. 

 It was my pride and joy and I took it to all home games, where, standing by the railings below the Shrodells Stand, I would proudly make as much noise as possible, without a thought of Health and Safety Regulations. Regretably those same regulations now deem my rattle as a dangerous weapon, so it is consigned to my cupboard, alongside my Vuvuzela. 

Peter Morgan 
Aged 49 3/4

The football rattle is part of footballing history, a much more endeared object compared to the vuvuzela. We needed to include a Watford themed rattle in this list and even if the club had produced an official rattle and sold it in the Hornets Shop, how could we ever put it in above this hand painted piece of passion.

Thank you to Peter for getting in touch. If you have a similar object that sums your connection with Watford Football Club then get in touch -

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  1. You are clearly a massive fan Peter, best of luck to you!

    Aged 29 7/8