Monday, 29 April 2013

Chalobah's Goal with our Reaction!

I'm not sure what you sounded like when Nathaniel scored his wonder goal, but we were luckily recording the podcast at the time. This is our audio along with the goal video. John Motson wont be worrying about us taking his job, but we hope you can hear the pure joy!!

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  1. You've done well to control yourselves there I'd say. LOL! I leapt off my sofa in Atlanta, Georgia when that went in and numerous expletives were spoken. Sheer joy, elation and bemusement at having seen such a goal scored by a Watford player. Chalobah is one for the future not just for Chelsea but for England. Pity he isn't ours long term, he's class. My Dad and Brother-in-Law were at the game and were almost knocked across the tarpaulin such was the ferocity of the celebrations at that one. Pity Hoggy couldn't put the third away seconds later. Happy Days!!!