Friday, 2 August 2013

Old VHS Tapes

If you listened to our Play Off Semi Final podcast, you would have heard us talking about old VHS tapes we still have. We mentioned having copies of the 5-a-sides tournaments that were held, and how seeing this footage was simply amazing. This was from a time when you didn't get to see the goals from games within hours or even months after a match. You might not see goals from matches until the end of season video came out. Action like this was rare, and as a kid you had to set your video recorder to because it was on telly so late. The next hurdle was getting use of the only TV in the house with a VCR so you could watch it. Could you convince your Mum to let you get it above your sister, who wanted to watch Rainbow Bright?

So for our Watford in 100 Objects List we want to hear about your best VHS tapes. What magical things did you record on them, what Watford action do you still have?

Now, thanks to Watford fan Matt Furniss pointing this out on twitter, here is a glorious moments in Watford's 5-a-side history. What a team - Perry Suckling, Rod Thomas (what hair), the Jasons (Drysdale and Solomon) Hessenthaler and Gary Porter. Watch the Hornets take on, and beat, Millwall, Luton, West Ham and Wimbledon on their way to VICTORY!

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  1. I was at Wembley arena for that Watford 5's win. What a great tournament that was. Mind you, Watford and Wimbledon were the only teams to send first team players that year (and probably the last to do so), so no surprise they got to the final.

    Atmosphere inside Wembley was great, each club had a block of supporters and chants went back and forward between all the supporters all night.