Wednesday, 21 August 2013

WFC in 100 Objects: No 43 - Peter Birch's wedding rings.

Our hunt for 100 objects that define our wonderful football club has encompassed a diverse bunch of objects so far. Our favourite are the objects that are personal to you.

This object is Peter Birch's wedding ring. Yes, technically there are two of them, but he is currently using one of them. I meet Peter the night before the play off final against Crystal Palace as he was over from Norway, where he now lives, to see the big game. He told me why his wedding rings are so special to Watford, a specific team and and specific result.

You can hear why here.

I don't think he'll do it for an average League match, but the next time we are playing Leicester in a crucial game, we must all make sure that Peter Birch gets divorced, so he can remarry and we can all watch the game with the comfort that the outcome of the game will be 3-1 to the Hornets!


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