LATEST EPISODE: Dinner with Deeney

As a thank you for listening to FTRE over the last 5 seasons, even if it was for just one episode, we asked Watford if we could do something special - could we have dinner with Deeney?

And this is it. A very honest and revealing chat with the main man about his first five years at the club. From the arrival, then prison and now one of the top players in the Championship.

This was recorded before Troy and the boys secured promotion to the Premier League.

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Friday, 10 January 2014


It's been a chaotic season for Watford, that so far hasn't really gone to plan. Keen to find out how fellow Hornets are dealing with what is unfolding at Vicarage Road, Mike took to Twitter and asked Watford supporters to share their feelings about the season so far.

In one word.

The results are displayed in the image below and the bigger the word appears, the more frequently it was mentioned. How would YOU sum up the season so far? Is your word featured? If not, how would you sum up the 2013/14 season at this stage?

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  1. That's the beauty about being a Watford Fan... Keep the faith

  2. The best is yet to come.