Monday, 18 August 2014

WFC in 100 Objects - #52 A Rotherham Meat Pie

This object sums up the relationship with one of the least popular managers in the clubs History - Gianluca Vialli.

The object is a meat pie - which was thrown by a Rotherham fan at Vialli during an away game at Millmoor on 12th January 2002 during a 1-1 draw. 

We are unsure of the flavour or if sauce was included in the Rotherham Meat Pie
So where did the meat pie land. As David Range told us - "it was a direct hit on Gianluca. Absolutely hilarious and I wouldn’t mind betting that most of the Hornet fans there would have liked to have done the same."

A meat pie in the face, the object we've chosen to sum up Watford manager Gianluca Vialli

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