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WFC in 100 Objects - #31 The Family Enclosure/Terrace

The Family Enclosure  - Photo from

On of our highly suggested object is The Family Encloure/Terrace, but it was Orlander Yard's email of his memories of the North-East of Vicarage Road that gave us the perfect reasons to put it into the list:


One thing that stands out for me is, because of the makeshift appearance of the main stand. We had both a seated and a standing family area (The family enclosure and the terrace).  One thing I can safely say is that Watford fans aren't always the most vocal.  With the exception of that fateful Sunderland game when gifton got injured. And the Sunderland fans wished they were as vocal as us.  Any way, when ever there was a quiet spell in a game, you could often hear the  high pitched chant, "Watford (clap clap clap) Watford.

I often thought that chanting coming from the family terrace was a bit embarrassing for the vicarage road end fans. And that squeaky chant would often inspire the fans to sing, just to drown out the the noise coming from the family terrace.

I also remember in the 80s when we were often beating the big boys.  There used to be a young blond boy in the family terrace (he must be in close to 40 now). When ever Watford were winning, he'd take his Watford top off and spin it round over his head.  That always made a few of the Vicarage Road regulars laugh.




I adored the old family areas in the East Stand. I have lots of fond memories of my early days as a Junior Hornet, the evenings meeting the players, Ann Swanson running the place telling us off for being negative in our shouts towards Dave Bassett and, as pointed out in an email we got from Dr Billyo, the sticker hunt where I made a swap with David James. I hope that whenever the East Stand is rebuilt that a Family specific area and facilities are built to grow future generations of Watford fans!

-- Jon

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1 comment:

  1. Ann Swanson! That name brings back memories. I remember sitting in the Family Enclosure for years.

    Sitting behind the old plastic seats that were 'the bench'. John McClelland sitting with us when he was injured. Junior Hornet Christmas parties. The Family Room that they opened for us to get a warm drink at half time. Great times.

    Ann even got me to meet Elton and present him with flowers as she knew I'd be in my Watford shirt.