Sunday, 6 April 2014

100 Objects - The next 50

We've been searching for 100 that define Watford FC for a while now. It's a wonderful list, and full of some fantastic personal stories from fans. So as we head towards our 50 Objects mark, we want to know what MUST we include in the list?

The aim of Watford in 100 objects has always been to bring together a list of one hundred different items, each providing an evocative memory or time in Watford's history. 

So who must be represented, what events have we not marked yet and do you have a special object that you'd like to add to the list?

Here is the list so far:

1: Pierre Issa's Stretcher
2: Jason's Knitted Wilf Rostron
3: Cardboard Andy
4: Junior Hornets Membership Card
5: IVECO Truck

6: Cally's Decks
7: Square Programme
8: Tight Red Shorts
9: Steve Palmer's 14 Shirts

10: The Watford Observer Clock
11: Watford 7-1 Southampton Pen
12: Gerad Lavin's Boot
13: A Watford Mug
14: Elton John Album "Single Man"
15: Anatomically Correct Harry the Hornet
16: 'Cool as Craig' T-shirt
17: The Steamship Vera

18: Doughnuts from Gymkhana
19: The Lucky Norwich Canary
20: Matt Rowson's pennant from Kaiserslautern vs Watford
21: 1971 The Wonderful World of Soccer Star Gala Collection
22: Benskin - 1984 Cup Final Bottle of Beer
23: Steve Sims's Mustache
24: Steve Terry's Headband
25: Ben Iorha's Bunions
26: The Watford Parade Pond
27: Peter Morgan's Football Rattle
28: CYHSYF Fanzine
29: The Ivanhoe Knight
30: Kevin Miller's Clean Sheet
31: The Family Enclosure and Terrace 
32: Joy Garden Takeaway Menu
33: The old Vicarage Road Scoreboard
34: Sudbury Court Football Kit
35: John Barnes's Woolly Gloves
36: BSAD Server
37: BHaPPY's Smuggled Fruit and Vegetables 
38: Aidy Boothroyd's UFO 
39: Tim Turner's Personalised Subbuteo Team
40: Harriet Hornets Head on a Silver Platter
41: Nick Cox's Teamsheet
42: The Watford Stadium Halt Railway Station 
43: Peter Birch's Wedding Rings
44: An ITV Digital set top box45: The Watford double-decker bus - minus a roof

46: A Watford FC - Passport to Europe
47: Luton Town Membership card

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